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Coolum HeARTs Inc strongly recommends vaccinations against the Covid-19 virus.  

We appreciate alternate views on this subject and that your personal health is your business.


However, in accordance with Government regulations and in order to protect all participants in our various activities we ask that should anyone suspect they have Covid symptoms, please isolate/get tested and advise the Groups Coordinator on 0478 646 330 if you test positive. 

Public health and social measures - coronavirus (COVID-19)


The Public Health and Social Measure linked to vaccination Direction was revoked on 14 April 2022, ending the requirement to check-in and to be fully vaccinated in a range of venues and events.

Venues include pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants; theme parks, casinos and cinemas; weddings; showgrounds; and galleries, libraries, museums and stadiums.


This is a further reflection of the easing of public health restrictions in Queensland

Vaccination and check-in requirements will continue for anyone visiting or working in vulnerable settings (hospitals, disability accommodation services and residential aged care) as well as for workers in high-risk settings including schools, childcare, prisons and airports.


Coolum HeARTs Inc

2nd June 2022

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